Music Shops in Norwich

Music Shops in Norwich

Here at Piano Lessons Norwich, our students are always asking us about which retailers to buy or upgrade from. There are an abundance of music stores in the UK and in Norwich yet each retailer will offer a different service to the next, some being worse than others. Buying a Piano can be a very expensive mistake if the instrument is not perfect for you, so we've compiled a list of Norwich's best three retailers to make sure you get it right first time!

Cookes Pianos

Cookes Pianos are one of Norwich's gems and has been a part of the community for over 120 years. Established in 1887, the retailer is one of the oldest in the country and have traded from the same building all this time. The shop consists of 7 showrooms spread over 4 floors and contains a vast selection of instruments, allowing any customer to find the perfect instrument for them.

Cookes also offer something quite unique - an organ showroom located instore. Whilst an organ is quite a bit different from a traditional piano setup you should still go and see what they're like to play, or just to have a look! This feature in our opinion is quite demonstrative of the experience and knowledge they have hidden here, you're bound to find anything and everything and find the instrument you want to purchase. Not giving Cookes a visit would be a disaster!

A. W. Cooke & Son Music Ltd, 19 St. Benedicts, Norwich, NR2 4PE.

Telephone: 01603 625970


PMT Norwich

PMT (Professional Music Technology) is a national chain of 11 stores in locations such as Birmingham and Manchester as well as Norwich. Being a chain store, they pride themselves on two main things: accessibility and functionality, where they sell as many types of  quality instruments as they can at a variety of prices. You can sleep safely knowing that any staff member here will have given you correct and professional advice on the instrument you have bought and have not simply lulled you into each purchase for them to make money. The store occupies over 5000 square feet of shop floor so a visit to PMT Norwich will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop!

PMT Norwich, 67-73 Botolph Street, Norwich, NR3 1DT.

Telephone: 01603 666891

Jack White Music

Jack White is another bolt in Norwich's infrastructure and is a well-known name to many in the city. They've been supplying the people of Norwich with knowledge about quality instruments for over 40 years and standards have never slipped. The staff here are very friendly yet not intrusive and will make any apprehensive first-time buyers feel at home and confident in any decision they make.

The stock itself here is impressive and keyboards and digital pianos make up Jack White Music's arsenal - which are two cheaper alternatives to traditional acoustic pianos. You'd be silly not to visit here if looking for an instrument! 

Jack White Music, 48-50 St. Benedicts Street, NR2 4AR.

Telephone: 01603 613678

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