Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

Absolutely. I would be happy teaching students from the age of five upwards. There is no upper age limit for students - adults of all ages are warmly welcomed.

Do I need a piano/keyboard to practise on at home before I start lessons?

Yes, you will require a piano / keyboard to enable us to take our lessons as I am a mobile piano teacher. I can help advise you which piano / keyboard to buy before you start your lessons.

Where are you based?

I am a mobile piano tutor, enabling me to travel to you to teach you in the comfort of your own home if you are based within Norwich itself. You will need your own piano / keyboard at home to enable us to start lessons - I am happy to help advise about a good first piano / keyboard to buy.

I can't read music, is that a problem?

Not at all - no prior musical experience or knowledge is needed before our first lesson. I always teach students how to read music no matter what genre we explore as it's a great life skill to acquire, but we will also work a lot without music in order to help train your musical ear.

How old do you need to be to start attending piano lessons?

I teach children from the age of five upwards.

Do I have to take exams?

That is totally up to you. Exams can be very helpful in motivating students to achieve their best, but they also limit in the genre and amount of music you can learn. They are definitely an option, but by no means compulsory. 

How do I pay?

You can pay in weekly, monthly or termly installments by cash, cheque or online transfer. We'll choose a payment plan that suits you. 

Will the lesson be at the same time every week?

It's easiest if we keep the lesson time consistent, however there is of course flexibility if appointments need to be changed. 

Do I have to sit in on the lesson if accompanying a child?

I always prefer parents to sit in on lessons as a matter of good safeguarding practice, however this is not compulsory. This also allows parents to guide the practice of younger students. 

Do I need to practice?

Regular practice is really important if you want to progress on an instrument. You don't need to practice for hours on end, in fact this is often detrimental. Instead it's about keeping a consistent routine and using your time effectively. A major part of my teaching is giving students tips and tricks to get the most out of their practice time. 20-30 mins a day is plenty for beginners, 30mins-1 hour for intermediate players. 

Do you teach in school holidays?

It's important to keep a regular pattern of lessons going, including through the school holidays, but of course there will be breaks here and there when you or I go away. 

What songs will we play?

This is totally up to you. Lessons are tailored around the pupil's musical preferences. You can learn classical, jazz or pop music and can undertake to prepare for examinations or simply learn for enjoyment.

Learn the way that suits you

I'll help you learn through all types of music, particularly the music you enjoy whilst providing you with the knowledge you need to be able to play the piano with confidence.

My piano lessons are designed to fit your personal needs, whether that is focusing on learning the basics as a beginner student, or exploring the graded exams as a more intermediate.

To arrange your first piano lesson or to simply find out more about my lessons, send me an email or call me on 01603 975680.

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James' lessons are engaging, entertaining and well structured, allowing even the novice pianist to swiftly learn the basics of the instrument, and much more, regardless of age. I really look forward to my lessons and I've progressed really quickly, thanks to James' tutoring - Devin

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